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A Rubber Roller is a machinery part that comprises a metallic inner round shaft or tube which has a covering of a layer of elastomer compounds or rubber. The rubber roller layer, the outer layer is generally of a premium-quality polymer, including polyurethane, silicone, EPDM, neoprene, and natural rubber.

The vulcanizer/autoclaves are used by the rubber roll industry to convert natural rubber into a cured and cross-linked vulcanized rubber product. Vulcanizer/autoclaves use live internal steam, a mix of live steam and hot air.

Depending on the type of rubber, the vulcanizer process can occur from room temperature up to 170  or more.

These vulcanizers are made in both nut bolt & Gear type category.

The salient features of Rubber Roll Vulcanizer are:

  • These autoclaves are generally made of MS 2062 plate.

  • From 5 feet to 12 feet in diameter

  • Up to 60 feet in length

  • Generally kept in single door design.