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+91 9310225280


I series from Hans Boiler is a three-pass fully packaged boiler. It is designed to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiencies. It can be made both in Dry-back & Wet-back Category.

  • Cast Refractory Ceramic Lining helps in longer life of boiler.
  • Much larger thermal storage that provides fast demand response times.
  • Automated Ash Removal.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Comes with an option of PLC Control systems.

Operating range


0.5 - 5 TPH


10.54 Kg/ to 17.5 Kg/


Wood, coal, agro waste, briquettes etc.


The true three-pass design ensure efficient heat transfer and low flue gas exit temperatures for maximum usage of heat.

It is equipped with latest automation and multi fuel compatibility.

  • Large heat transfer area guaranteed lower heat flux and lower thermal stress.
  • High dryness fraction of steam due to maximum use of heat.
  • Compact & Rugged design.
  • Large water and steam space in the boiler to meet high fluctuating loads.